BunkTrunk™ – reducing dorm room stress

A note about the supply chain and inflation.

As you have seen, prices at the gas pumps are increasing at a crazy rate, and increases in energy costs have hit just about everything.  The wood we use for our BunkTrunks has doubled and the steel used to make the BunkTrunk legs has almost quadrupled.  As a result, we will be increasing our prices starting with our new inventory in March / April.  However we were able to build about 90 units with supplies purchased before the price increases. If you are planning to purchase a BunkTrunk this year, you may want to take advantage of the current prices before they increase.

Secure Storage, Night Stand, and Study desk all in one:

– A place to charge your laptop and phone, even while locked up
– A nightstand for your phone, alarm clock, bottle of water, glasses
– Automatic locking storage that takes no additional space and requires no mounting hardware
– A private place to study
– A way to watch movies in bed
– The BunkTrunk™ is cheaper than most insurance deductibles, PLUS you won’t lose your term paper (stolen laptop)

What is the  BunkTrunk™ and why was it created? Here is a video describing our daughters experience.

Simple installation, no tools required and minutes to install. Watch the install in this short video:

Why order your BunkTrunk™ for move-in day?  Ordering later could be interpreted as distrust of your roommate, causing unneeded tension. Order today and we will ship it to your college for move-in day.

BunkTrunk™ photo gallery:

Back to School

Get back into the swing of things during this upcoming school year by reading @TexasLifestyleMagazine’s article, “20 Back To School Ideas to Safely Get Back Into the 2020 Swing of Things.” Check out how BunkTrunk will be the best purchase you’ll make for your dorm room. 👉 https://bit.ly/2YcYzmD

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