About Us

Why we made the Bunk Trunk


We saw a need when our daughter attended her first year of college. She needed an easy way to lock up her valuables, but needed a storage solution that did not take any floor or desk space. The BunkTrunk was born!

We pay particular attention to quality and finish, so your BunkTrunk is as awesome as you hope it will be!

We love to make BunkTrunks because we know they provide significant value to college students. BunkTrunks solve a real problem that most college students may not even know they have,  until they are in their dorm room, living with a stranger – at least until they get to know one another.  

Then there is the concern of the roommate’s new ‘friends’ coming to visit, often times when you may have left your valuables out on display.  Get the picture, things “go missing” and what do you do?  PAY to replace the missing items.  This can be costly when talking about a laptop and other electronics!.  Not to mention jewelry, medication and text books.

The cost of the BunkTrunk if often times cheaper than an insurance deductible, if covered at all.

We will get your BunkTrunk out to you as soon as we can, but please know that hand crafted excellence takes a little time.

Thanks for your interest in our BunkTrunks!

Guy & Darla