Answers to your Questions

What is a BunkTrunk®  and why do I need one?

A BunkTrunk™ is a secure foot locker that sits above your feet on your college dorm bunk. Because it sits above your feet, it takes no floor or desk space. It has a digital combo lock so you don’t need to have another key, and it secures all of your things like: laptops, books, jewelry, money and other items you don’t want to “share” with your roommates.

My dorm is secure, do I still need a BunkTrunk®?

Even if your room is not broken into, does your roommate lock the door every time they leave? Do you lock the door every time you head down to the shower? What about the impromptu gatherings or surprise visitors that just happen to walk into your room? Does your roommate borrow personal items without asking?

With the BunkTrunk®, you don’t have to worry about the items you’ve locked in the BunkTrunk®. While it is not a safe, it will keep most folks out, sending those looking for an easy target elsewhere.

The cost of the BunkTrunk® is less than most insurance deductibles. In addition, nobody wants to lose their laptop containing all their school work, including that critical term paper that took countless hours to write.  Secure your valuables and your hard work in the BunkTrunk®.

Will the BunkTrunk® fit on the bottom and top bunks? What if I don’t have a bunk, just a bed?

The BunkTrunk®’s feet fit under the mattress so it makes no difference if you are on the top, bottom or if you’re on a regular bed!  Or if you want, you can take the legs off and put the BunkTrunk® under your bed.

Will the BunkTrunk® take any of my foot space?

The BunkTrunk® sits approximately 12 inches above the typical mattress.  So, there should be plenty of room for most feet.

How easy is it to install the BunkTrunk® and what tools do I need? I don’t have a toolbox in my dorm.

To install the BunkTrunk® all you need to do is insert the feet into the BunkTrunk® and secure them with the leg pins included.  Then pull back your mattress, sitting the BunkTrunk® on your bed frame. Set the mattress down on top of the BunkTrunk® legs and you are done!

What are the shipping methods?

UPS Ground

If I order a BunkTrunk® today how quickly can I get it?

Plan on about 2 to 5 days for delivery after your order is processed. You can select a future delivery date and ship directly to your home, college, or even to a hotel at move-in.

Where is the best place to ship my BunkTrunk® to: Home, College, Hotel?

If you are driving to college or just want to receive it before you head to school, it is always best to have it shipped to your home.

If you are flying to college, shipping to your hotel is the next easiest location for you to receive your BunkTrunk®.

There is no problem shipping to your college, just know that you will be busy during move-in and will need to head to your mail room to get your BunkTrunk®. Depending on your college, some mail rooms may not be opened on the weekends.

What are the dimensions of the BunkTrunk®

There are three sizes of BunkTrunks. 24″, 29″ and 36″ wide by about 12 inches high and 12 inches deep.

The BunkTrunk® can accept a laptop that is 9.75″ x 15.75″.  The inside depth of the BunkTrunk® is 10.25 but the leg makes the area for the laptop a bit shorter on the 36 inch models. The shelf on the 29 inch models can hold a laptop that is 10.5 inches deep. Please include your laptop power plug in your measurements because you will want to keep it plugged in while locked up. Many larger laptops can fit if they are resting on BunkTrunk laptop / book wedge.

What is the maximum weight the BunkTrunk will support?

The BunkTrunk® will support up to 35 lbs. BunkTrunk® LLC does not recommend exceeding 35 lbs.

Do all the BunkTrunk® models have a hole to route a power cord?

Yes, all BunkTrunk® models come with a power cord hole.

Can I change my security code so that it is something I can remember or does it come with a code already pre-programmed?

Yes! While the BunkTrunk® comes with a pre-programmed master and user code, instructions are included, so you can change the codes to whatever codes you want!

Can my BunkTrunk® be installed under my bed?

If you have at least 12-1/2 inches of clearance, your BunkTrunk® can be used under your bed. Simply remove the legs, or don’t install them in the first place. Optionally you can add some rubber feet (available from Amazon) to each bottom corner. Rubber feet will keep your BunkTrunk® from moving when you open and close it, and it will give you space for the electrical cord to exit under the BunkTrunk®.

BunkTrunk pic

What if I can’t open my BunkTrunk®?

Sometimes the batteries in your BunkTrunk® lock can die without giving any advanced warning. For this reason we have provided you with a Mini USB cable, enabling you to power the lock using a power bank or other external USB power source. Once you power the lock via the USB cable, you can enter your code and open your BunkTrunk® and replace the four AAA batteries.

Can you help me open a BunkTrunk® that I purchased from someone else?

In order to keep our clients’ belongings safe and their peace of mind intact, we can only help you open a BunkTrunk® that you purchased from this site. If you purchased your BunkTrunk® from someone other than BunkTrunk.com, you would need to contact them for assistance.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.

How do I place an order?

Click on the shop button on the menu above.

How can I cancel or change my order?

If you need to cancel your order, send us an email using the, “contact us” page.

What is the difference between the models?