The Masters

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The Masters comes with:

  • A digital keypad lock to secure your gear
  • A power strip with USB ports for charging your gear
  • A USB cable to power your lock in case your batteries die
  • Bunkenstocks (stabilizing feet)

Note: Our  BunkTrunks™ are manufactured using a unique species of Birch with origins from the Baltic Sea region. Like any natural wood product, variations in grain patterns and colors, and mineral streaks add to their beauty, and uniqueness. This is natural and to be expected. Where larger markings are present, you may see patches as in the picture below.

baltic birch beauty





Extended legs: If you have a mattress thicker than 8 inches, and feet larger than a mens size 12, you may want to consider the extended length legs. See dimensions here.

Laptop Wedge: If you have a 15 inch laptop you may need the laptop wedge to be certain the door will close with the larger laptops.

Laptop sitting on a wedge to make room to close the door

The  BunkTrunk™ box outer dimensions are 12″ x 12″ x 36″ (does not include legs, see FAQ).

If you don’t know your move-in date yet, don’t worry.
Right below the Total on the checkout page, you can select your “best guess” Desired Delivery Date.

Once you get your shipping date from your college,  simply send us an email using the, “contact us” page and let us know your order number and new desired delivery date and we will do the rest! If you have a shipping address change, send us a note with your order number and new shipping address and we will make sure it gets shipped to the right place.

California Proposition 65 WARNING

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BunkTrunk™ with power.

Additional information

Weight39 lbs
Dimensions41 × 15 × 15 in

Standard Left Side Shelf, Optional Right Side Shelf (9.99)


Standard Legs, Optional Long Legs (9.99)

Laptop Wedge (for 15 inch laptops)

No Wedge, Laptop Wedge (9.99)

4 reviews for The Masters

  1. Pam S.

    We love our Bunk Trunk!! What a great invention. I love the sense of security, being able to send our daughter to college with a convenient and secure way to secure her valuables. So much sturdier and more secure than a small, traditional lock box. She loves the ease of having a “desk” at the end of her bed! We will definitely order another one when my son leaves for college in 2 years!!

  2. TM (verified owner)

    Very happy with this. It solves a number of problems: it serves as a bed desk, a nightstand, charging area, and a secure place for money, passport, and laptop. Its design makes it effortless to plug in the laptop to the backup disk and to routinely lock up valuables (it is a natural behavior and does not require reminders to do something extra). I was not certain that she would get up and go under the bed to lock up items each night, and if the laptop is locked away in a safe under the bed, how would she back it up or charge it? It looks great and she ends up mostly working in bed, using it as her desk with everything handy. Plus, for summer storage, we will fill the Bunktrunk box with bedding and store that as one “box”. Easy and well thought-out.

  3. Lisa Kathryn L. (verified owner)

    I love this! This is so easy to use and very practical. It can serve as a safe when it is not in use and a desk when it is in use. I love being able to store a lot of things in here since it has so much room.

  4. Lillie (verified owner)

    Great idea! Bunk Trunk is a necessity for every dorm room. Lock up valuables and use as a desk. My son uses it as a nightstand. It was too wide for his bed but it is so versatile. I wish we could reverse the hooks and hang it under his lofted bed above his desk. But it serves its purpose for locking up items. It will be easy to store over the summer too!

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