The Bachelors 36

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$369.00$393.98 Includes shipping costs

The Bachelor comes with:

  • A digital keypad lock to secure your valuables
  • A USB cable to power your lock in case your batteries die
  • Bunkenstocks (stabilizing feet)
  • Legs providing 18 or 20 inches of space between the bottom of the legs to the bottom of the BunkTrunk

Note: Our  BunkTrunks™ are manufactured using a unique species of Birch with origins from the Baltic Sea region. Like any natural wood product, variations in grain patterns and colors, and mineral streaks add to their beauty, and uniqueness. This is natural and to be expected. Where larger markings are present, you may see patches as in the picture below.

baltic birch beauty





The  BunkTrunk™ box outer dimensions are 12″ x 12″ x 36″ (does not include legs, see FAQ).

If you don’t know your move-in date yet, don’t worry.
Right below the Total on the checkout page, you can select your “best guess” Desired Delivery Date.

Once you get your shipping date from your college,  simply send us an email using the, “contact us” page and let us know your order number and new desired delivery date and we will do the rest! If you have a shipping address change, send us a note with your order number and new shipping address and we will make sure it gets shipped to the right place.

Extended legs: If you have a mattress thicker than 8 inches, and feet larger than a mens size 12, you may want to consider the extended length legs. See dimensions here.

Laptop Wedge: If you have a 15 inch laptop you may need the laptop wedge to be certain the door will close with the larger laptops.

This is a picture of a laptop wedgeLaptop sitting on a wedge to make room to close the door

California Proposition 65 WARNING

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36 inch wide Basic BunkTrunk®



Additional information

Weight38 lbs
Dimensions41 × 15 × 15 in

Standard Legs (included), Optional Long Legs (14.99)

Laptop Wedge (for 15 inch laptops)

No Wedge, Optional Laptop Wedge (9.99)

11 reviews for The Bachelors 36

  1. Savannah

    I love having a bunk trunk! I had a roommate that literally refused to lock the door. Once I got this, I could relax and know that all of my stuff was safe, regardless of whether the dorm door was locked or not. The most valuable part of the bunk trunk is that I can charge all of my stuff, hang up my jewelry, and store my books all in the same place without using up a ton of precious dorm space, since it sits a foot or so above my feet! It also rocks cause it doubles as a desk to work on, place my laptop on to watch shows, and set my coffee on too! While it’s not always the quickest to climb up in bed (I have the top bunk) in order to get something out of it, knowing all of my valuables are safe makes it worth the few extra seconds. This is one of those secret must-haves for every college dorm room!

  2. Kyle

    The bunk trunk is amazing! Not only does it keep all my valuables safe, but it also acts as a desk, which allows me to do homework and watch tv up in my bed! One cool feature of the bunk trunk is that I can keep all my chargers up there so that when I leave my room I can plug my computer in and have it charge and be locked up while I’m out. Another awesome thing about the bunk trunk is that I have such a small room that I try to have nothing that takes up too much space, but the bunk trunk is perfect because it sits right above my feet! If I had to change one thing it would be a variety of color, but white is super versatile because I am able to put pictures on it.

  3. Tyler (verified owner)

    The bunktrunk arrived in a large cardboard box. It arrived safely and quickly. The set up was straight forward and very doable even for someone who feels less confident about assembling parts.

    This goes great for beds that aren’t even bunk beds. The build is strong and they have thought of a lot of things. I showed a couple friends and they asked if it had a power strip. That is the premium model, which I would definitely spend the extra money if I did it again.

    The bunktrunk fits great on my bed and would even fit nicely on a full or a queen. There is a lot of storage and the door is a sturdy shelf also.

    The lock is perfect. I usually have a lot of people in and out of my dorm. I remember a neighbor using a security cable for his laptop my freshman year and roommates thought he did not trust them. I thought how easy it would be to unscrew the mount the dorms had installed. The bunk trunk is not like that security mount. The size and lock are such that I don’t see how anyone could successfully take my laptop without drawing a lot of attention.

    Any of the options are great. I recommend investing in the extra shelves, the charging option and the wireless speaker. The bunk trunk is going to be used a lot and all the extras are worth it.

  4. Amber Grumbles (verified owner)

    The bunktrunk was a great investment for our daughter. It went in very easily and it holds all her items we needed to be locked up. She has her MAC laptop, Ipad, Iphone and the little box with her money and cards all locked up. It was probably the best investment we have purchased for her at college. I would recommend this product very much!

  5. Jodi (verified owner)

    We ordered a Bunk Trunk for my son who was going away to college, and it arrived at our house prior to our road trip. I received the email reminder from Bunk Trunk to check the package, make sure everything was fine and give a review. We opened up the box and discovered that the door wouldn’t open. Not sure if something happened in shipping, but I was in a panic that we weren’t going to have a Bunk Trunk for his dorm on move in day. I emailed and called Bunk Trunk, and Guy returned my call quickly and we walked through what was wrong. He got a replacement shipped out ASAP and directly to my son’s dorm so it would be there upon our arrival. All was good with the new Bunk Trunk at the dorm. Fabulous customer service on this order!
    It’s so nice to have a secure place to store their belongings, plus have a place to rest the laptop while watching a movie in bed. Also love that everything you need is included in the box, including the screwdriver!! Thank you Bunk Trunk!

    • Guy

      We are pleased that we were able to help your son with his BunkTrunk and hope move-in went well. Thanks for bringing this problem to our attention. Upon further investigation it looks like your BunkTrunk received some shipping damage that caused the problem. Because of this we have made some changes to the way that we package the BunkTrunk, so this should not happen again. We hope your son has a great college experience and takes advantage of every opportunity he has! Best regards, your BunkTrunk team.

  6. Tyler (verified owner)

    So I wanted to give a brief update.

    After having the bunk trunk for a short while, I am very pleased to say that it works like a champ. The lock has been super helpful.

    One thing that I did not notice earlier is the workmanship. It is really well made and the Logo is cut into each of the visible pieces. Just very happy overall with the bunk trunk.

  7. Patricia Estrellado (verified owner)

    I’ve been wanting to put in a review for a while now, but I wanna just let everyone know that it’s worth spending every penny for this gem! Although I got it from the giveaway, I would have bought this! I can put all my valuables and snacks here, all protected by the lock. The compartments they give are very nice and helps me to be more organized. It’s awesome storage space, and I don’t know where I would’ve put all of the extra stuff I had if it wasn’t for the bunktrunk! The staff behind bunktrunk is so nice as well, very friendly and helpful!! Thank you so much!

  8. Becky

    Love, Love the Bunktrunk! We bought one for our son to have in his Dorm and he loves it. The trunk came on time, well packed and in perfect condition. I had a little issue with the lock the night before we took our son to Uni and Bunktrunk responded within 5 mins of my email (late night email as well!)
    They so helpful, professional and kind.
    I would highly recommend everyone who’s kid is going away to uni to purchase one of these for peace of mind.
    Thank you Bunktrunk you have been awesome!

  9. Elise (verified owner)

    During this unusual time with all this uncertainty I was hesitant to order because we weren’t sure about our son going to college but because of all the wonderful reviews I wanted my son to have some place to put his valuables and his medication safety. When I placed the order we had changed our minds about sending our son away. After contacting this company by email they responded quickly and worked with our back and forth decision. I thought I would lose our payment but I didn’t they were wonderful and put me at ease knowing I wouldn’t lose out with any decision we made. Overall our son went to college and the box was waiting for him there. It was easy to put together and he’s actually using it in his closet because the way he set his bed. I definitely would recommend not only because of the product but the people behind this product. Thank you again for lifting some of the stress we had trying to get our son to college during this crazy time!

  10. Lucy D

    I use it everyday! Perfect desk and storage for my dorm! I would hundred percent would recommend it to any incoming college students!

  11. Teressa L (verified owner)

    My daughter absolutely loves this product! She keeps all electronic valuables inside, but also uses it for a desk area for her online classes this semester. She likes the extra space on top for photos and such. It was easy enough to put together. Highly recommend this for a college student.

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